Muay Thai in Thailand for Beginners

Muaythai for Beginners

For many it is a big hurdle to start with martial arts and to attend a martial arts school. But we can reassure you, in martial arts schools you will not only find fighters. Most of the people who practice this sport do it for sporting, safety and health reasons and are usually of a very respectful character and discipline. Martial arts – Muay Thai is a very intense sport and has the advantage that you can keep developing. In Thailand, we always get the experience, that people walk past the gym, watch excitedly and then spontaneously attend a class. After that it happened, infected.

Muay Thai in Thailand for beginners

The Muay Thai schools in Thailand are mostly open and not hidden in buildings and basements, the inhibition threshold is of course even lower. The feedback is always exciting and certainly 90% of the participants are so enthusiastic that they want to start with the sport Muay Thai in their home country and the next vacation to Koh Samui is already fixed.

Muay Thai in Thailand for beginners

We also have weekly inquiries from beginners as to whether it is possible to visit a camp with us. Here we have a few details and tips to make your visit a success. We receive most inquiries from beginners who want to try something new or want to lose weight. Both are good approaches, and we are sure that we are the right address. For this reason we have 4 classes per day. This allows us to respond specifically to the needs and the professional fighters don’t have to struggle with the beginners.

Training takes place up to twice a day. But this is usually a great challenge for complete beginners. We recommend a visit of at least three weeks for beginners. In the first week, it usually takes 2 to 3 days for the body to get used to the heat (an average of 32 degrees in the shade). In most cases there is a time difference of a few hours. In this star time we recommend coming to train only once a day. This way, the body can recover sufficiently from the journey, training, heat and time difference. On the 4th day, when you have acclimatized, it also makes sense to do one or two private lessons. So you have a trainer to yourself and can learn the techniques faster and effectively.

Muay Thai in Thailand for beginners

In the second week you start with two training sessions per day. It is important here that enough mineral vitamins are taken. For beginners, who usually didn’t do as much exercise before, it is a real shock for the body when such a strain suddenly occurs twice a day. So, you have to provide the body with enough energy. Massages between training sessions are also extremely helpful and cost around 300-400 baht / 8 to 11 euros per hour in Thailand. Drink at least 5 to 6 liters a day and take vitamin-magnesium supplements. If you want to lose weight, you can get healthy meals in two three healthy restaurants around the gym. It also has a fruit shop next to the gym that sells fresh fruits from Koh Samui every day.

After three weeks of intensive training, most beginners have an incredibly good level. The level is usually the same after a three-week camp as someone who trained 2-3 times a week in his home country.

The language barrier is also often requested. Not much can speak perfect English and practically no one can speak Thai. But most of our trainers have over 10 years of experience and speak some English. So, you can talk easily. Whatever happens again and again, that someone does not speak a word of English and can still participate in the training without any problems. Over the years, the trainers have developed particularly good communication technology without having to master the language.

Muay Thai in Thailand for beginners

Which makes the whole process a bit easier if you are already preparing something at home. It is always a bit difficult for beginners to motivate themselves. For this reason, we can recommend booking early (4 months before arrival) and slowly becoming active.
There is no need to visit a Muay Thai Gym. But what is helpful if you start jogging once or twice a week (first month 1 km, second 1.5 km and third 2 km). Swimming, Squash, Forest-course or strengthening the basic muscles in the fitness center. This makes the training here a lot easier and you can concentrate much more on the techniques.

Muay Thai in Thailand for beginners

You can easily find the price for such a stay in our booking tool. At “Book Your Stay” You will find 5 different accommodations ranging from 550 to 1000 baht / 15 – 30 euros per night. There you can also choose the pick-up at Koh Samui airport, so that you have a carefree arrival. Here is also a video with a short summary of how it looks on our island and Punch it Gym.