Leather vs PU Boxing Gloves

Leather vs PU Boxing Gloves - We made the test in our Gym

Leather vs PU Boxing Gloves

Which Box Muaythai gloves are the best? In our Punchit Gym in Thailand we are the right place to get to the bottom of such questions. Here we test and improve our boxing gloves in numerous classes and needs every day. Our many years of experience in use and production have shown that it does not necessarily have to be genuine leather. A good synthetic leather PU boxing glove is sometimes equivalent or even better than a leather boxing glove.

The problem in Thailand is that it is usually used twice a day and is dried in the sun during training breaks. So the real leather is under high stress from daily wet, dry, wet and becomes brittle relatively quickly. If you do not treat the boxing gloves with care products, you will have the first cracks after about 2-3 months. This is also the advantage of a good PU boxing glove, which is even cheaper and does not have this problem. However, if the boxing gloves are in a gym where there is less humidity and is usually a closed room, the durability is equivalent. For this reason, we will rely on PU gloves for future product development.

The same problem also applies to the trainer belts and Thai pads. There we will also use PU in the long-term test for the next 8 months.

Here is an example of twoo boxing Muaythai gloves that we used twice daily for 4 months in the gym in Thailand. The R1-Elite (on the left side, black/gold) was only used for 4 months and the S1-Pro (on the right side, white) for 6 months – the R1 Elite still looks too new …

PU R1-Elite Effort PU Gloves,
used for 4 months.

R1-Elite Boxing Gloves

Genuine Leather S1-Pro Gloves,
used for 6 months.


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