Booking Conditions at Muay Thai Gym Punchit

Booking Conditions

The booking request is non-binding and will be confirmed within 24 hours.
From the confirmation received we need the payment deposit for the accommodation 100% in advance. The reservation is valid from the receipt of payment.
A booking that is not paid after 30 days will be canceled. In case the trip is not possible and you have to cancel. The gym is open all year with the following exceptions: 1st January (morning) and 13th-14th April. You can canceled 30 days before the booked date and we will refund 80% of the deposit. Not absolved training can not be refunded. We cannot offer a refund in the event of force majeure. Meal Package booked in advance can be redeemed at the Punch it Health Cafe. You pay 600 Baht per day and get 660 Baht as a credit for the purchase of food and drink. The amount 660 per day can also be accumulated and one does not have to consume daily for this amount. You get a total credit that is available over the entire time. If you also have the Golden Membership, you get an additional 10% discount on food and drinks. If you have used up the credit, there is the possibility to top up the amount at the same conditions. If you have a balance left at the end, you can use it for the next stay or it can also be purchased in the Muay Thai shop material. However, there is no option to reclaim the amount in cash.
This includes, for example: closure of a travel area due to natural disasters, an impending military conflict – war, domestic political unrest, disease epidemics. We assume no liability in the event of accidents or injuries. When renting a motorbike, you must have an international driver’s license 1926. You also agree that we take pictures with us and use them for advertising. If you not want to publish any pictures, so please give us a message and tell that also our staff at the spot.
The amount for the deposit must be paid to the following account and confirmed by e-mail [email protected]

Bank details:
Name: Punch it Co., LTD.
Accont no. 1128507805
Chaweng Ko Samui Branch
Koh Samui, Surathani, Thailand 84320

Transfer money:
For a simple bank transfer, with best course and fastest service we recommend to make the bank transfer service with There is also an account of Punch it Co., Ltd and you can only enter our e-mail address [email protected] and all bank details are already entered. The first transfer with this link is also free of charge!